About Me


Howdy and welcome! My name is JR, and this is my blog, En Fuego. Here, I share stories of the joys and struggles of a Catholic, Filipino, Aggie, and nerdy guy in his late 20’s.

I’m a pretty busy guy. Currently, I’m a engineer for a company that makes stuff, and volunteerism is practically my second job, especially at my Catholic parish. In my free time, I pursue nerdy things and delegate my chihuahua to queen over the house.

I sign my blog posts as “JD”. It stands for Juan Diego, as in St. Juan Diego of Mexican fame. He’s my Confirmation patron saint! I suppose that signing off each blog post as JD serves as a reminder of humility and that the focus shouldn’t be on me… and St. Juan Diego was but a humble man who is now well known for his obedience and trust for our Blessed Mother, who ultimately points us towards Jesus (“Do whatever he tells you” she once said at a hoppin’ wedding party that ran out of booze…John 2).

Sit back, relax, grab a green tea latté (maybe at the time of writing this About Me page, I’m drinking a green tea latté) or other classy hot (or dare I say cold?!) beverage of your choice, and stay a while! Thanks for reading my blog!


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