Kyoto 2016: Nintendo HQ

Date of Travel: February 27, 2016

After visiting the Fushimi-Inari Shrine, I started walking westward to make my way towards Nintendo headquarters.

But first! I thought I saw Raiden from Mortal Kombat.


I mean, from afar, the outfit is pretty convincing. But when I walked over the bridge and passed by this supposed Raiden, I was a little surprised. It was a woman! And she was praying! Or something. I’m not sure what was going on or why she was on the bridge dressed like that. Either way, I think that set the tone for this little nerdy side trip to Nintendo by running into someone who reminds me of Raiden.


After walking for a while, I finally made it to the city block where Nintendo has its headquarters in Kyoto.


I knew from reading stuff online that there’s really nothing more to see about Nintendo other than this. They don’t have anything for the nerdy visitor to come and see like a museum or gift shop or anything. Therefore, I merely stood and walked around the perimeter and pondered what’s NX for Nintendo (pun intended). I’m sure they’re hard at work behind these sidewalk walls.

Now, I know another popular Nintendo location to visit in Kyoto is Nintendo’s original building. Like, from when they were purely a playing card company. I didn’t spend the time to figure out where it was and even then, I think it was out of the way of my intended itinerary. Maybe next time!

After visiting Nintendo HQ, I made my way over to the nearest subway station to head back towards Kyoto Station for my next destination!

To be continued.


Raiden // Fighters Generation


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